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There are three items available for purchase on this site:  Pre-Filing Credit Counseling certificates, Post-Filing Financial Education certificates, and DVDs of Hummingbird’s Financial Education course.

PLEASE NOTE: To purchase a bankruptcy certificate you must first complete the session.  After completion, you will need to correctly enter your Control Number.  This is different from the session number you receive when you begin a session with Hummingbird.

If you have questions, problems, or believe you qualify for a fee waiver, please call Hummingbird’s customer service department at 800-645-4959 during the support hours listed on www.hummingbird.org

Payments for the items offered on this site are processed through PayPal so a valid PayPal account, credit card or debit card will be necessary.  The payment method does not need to be in the name of the person requesting the certificate.

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